Hello and welcome to my blog! Here I will share with you my passion for food,      health, and wellness. Together, we can learn to heal our bodies from the inside out.       I hope you enjoy!

**For a better view of this website, I suggest using a computer rather than a phone!**

So.. Why Green Butterfly??

My approach at making a name for my website was to combine things that were symbolic to me. After many bizzare combinations, Green Butterfly stuck! I picked green because I feel that it is a very relavent color in my life; I am promoting eating green, going green, plus it's my favorite color, and the color of my eyes. I picked butterfly because I have always admired them, and they are the symbol for Lupus. They also represent change and growth; two reacurring themes in my life.

This website is a big part of my GIrl Scout Gold Award. For my project, I chose to address the issue of poor eating habits and lack of nutritional knowledge amongst teens (as well as pre-teens). I thought that the best way to reach out to my targeted age group was through social media (since we are in the age of technology!).